Welcome to the website of Nicole Rose (she/her). I am a grassroots organiser, agroecologist and designer based in Somerset in the south west of England.

My work in the world is to practically support communities and social movements with agroecology to strengthen food autonomy and resilience to climate change, capitalism and state violence.

I leverage my plant and soil science geekery to help others that want to build a more liberating world. I do this by organising courses and popular education projects that enable people to grow food without the use of pesticides, inorganic fertilisers or inputs from farmed animals. I also support individuals and groups one-to-one by offering practical advice in all aspects of agroecology, from how to care for soil to how to develop successful community gardens. And finally, I try to kick-ass as an organiser supporting campaigns and groups to build movements after two decades of experience organising for human, animal and earth liberation in many different ways.

On this website you can find a variety of resources. You may wish to check out:

  • My upcoming in-person and online courses
  • My offerings if you are looking for help and support with developing a land project
  • The workshops I offer if you would like to make something happen in your area
  • Some of the free resources I have put together for people interested in agroecology and food autonomy.

You can also learn more about my personal story here. If you are interested in any of the above, don’t hesitate to get in touch and follow me on Instagram if you use it!

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“Revolutionary ecology recognises that all forms of life are equal and practices of domination (which run gamut from homophobia to racism, to speciesism etc) are part of a control pattern that leads to the exploitation of all forms, which includes our living, breathing planet: Gaia. An injury to one is an injury to all”

– Orin Langelle