Your Action Learning Pathway sets out what you hope to achieve during your time as a diploma student. It is a statement of intent, a planning tool, as much as an opportunity to creatively re-asses where you are going with your life. The aim is to review it regularly, adapt it to your changing needs where necessary, but most importantly to use it as a tool to make your time more constructive.

I have organised mine into:

  • Goal – a specific statement of what I hope to achieve.
  • Holmgren’s Domain – which is basically a way of categorizing my interests in a coherent way that flows with David Holmgren’s work.
  • Theory in Action/Permaculture Lifestyle – this how I can implement this goal on a personal level, so that I am really ‘walking the talk’ to so speak.
  • Learning & Skill development opportunities – This is how I can learn the skills to achieve my goal, via courses, reading etc.
  • Design Practice Opportunities/Potential Projects – how I can put the learning into action
  • Complementary Criteria:
  • Dissemation – how can I share my experience of achieving or working towards this goal with others
  • Community Building – how can I apply it to my community
  • Symmetry – can it contribute to the permaculture community in some way?
  • Evaluations & Costings – is there an opportunity to measure its effect or use my outcomes towards further research
  • Timeline/Scale – when am I aiming to achieve this goal by, setting a date makes it a measurable goal.

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