Introduction to Food Sovereignty Workshop Design


1. Introductions
  • Go round, why participating? What do you know of food sovereignty so far?
  • Intro to myself

2. Food Sovereignty background

  • Read first definition
  • Emerged from movements in Global South, meeting in Belgium in1993, Forum 2007
  • Via Campesina – representing 200 million peasants worldwide
3. Principles
  • There are 6 principles that have been democratically decided from the bottom up
  • Pairs or small groups – each given a principle. Work through questions, with time for feedback & group discussion:
    • If this principle was made a reality in your community what would it look like?
    • What are the barriers to achieving this principle?

4. Emphasize:

  • All principles interconnected – What other principles are necessary for yours to be achieved?
  • Food is political – we need to see political relationships to achieve food sovereignty
  • Need to act & organise

5. Go round of personal next steps