Overview of Workshops taking place at the Convergence

Below is an overview of the workshops and activities taking place at the South West Permaculture Convergence this coming weekend:

Living Landscape Walk with Patrick Whitefield

Veteran local permaculture designer, Patrick Whitefield, will be leading a Living Landscape walk up the beautiful Dundon Beacon.

Permaculture Project Management with Gary Finch

Permaculture Diplomate from Dorset, Gary Finch will explore getting designs implemented in reality and how to more effectively manage your projects.

Patterns in Nature with Tess Wilmot and Ian Smith

Since the beginning, spiral patterns have described the evolution of stars and galaxies. From time out of mind, spirals have inspired and informed human art and expression. More recently, science has uncovered the wonders of spirals in natural systems, including our own DNA. Today, spirals help us to understand and respond to the dynamics of people and the projects that we design and deliver together.

Permaculture designer and teacher Tess Wilmot and social educator Ian Smith offer you a whistle-stop tour of their work around the prevalence and relevance of spirals in growing plants, people and projects.  If you want to get straight-to-the-point but with no straight lines, this is the session for you!

Permaculture, Social Justice & Community Organising

This workshop is a group skill share and discussion on how we can use permaculture for social justice and where design is placed in a context of wider radical social change. Facilitated by Tim Lawrence of Sims Hill Shared Harvest and the Walled Garden; an experienced community organiser and grower, permaculture practitioner & community organiser Nicole Vosper and Eleanor Fairbrother, a Community Development Worker in Patchway, Bristol, with previous experience as a lead grower on an organic farm for 3 years.

An Introduction to the Resilience Wheel

Moving towards a more resilient lifestyle involves so many interlocking factors that you can feel confused about the best way forward.

The Resilience Wheel brings all these elements together. This concept shows you what you can achieve easily, for example, and where you’ll come up against limiting factors which are out of your control as an individual but can be overcome as a community.

Jane Walker, from C.R.E.W, will  be demonstrating how to use the Wheel to create your personal Resilience Plan.

Permaculture Research

Tom Henfrey of the Permaculture Association’s Research Working Group will give an update on implementation of the  Association’s research strategy, talk about how the design of the Transition Research Network draws on permaculture principles, and facilitate a discussion to help set future priorities for permaculture and Transition research.

Crisis Permaculture and Resilience

This workshop looks at mapping from a naturalist vantage point and building confidence in living directly from nature through in-depth study of the natural environment, as well as how we can use this insight to implement a model of permaculture solutions in Food, Water, Shelter and Energy can save lives and prevent disasters. With Louise Brookes of Earth Frogs.

5 Ways to Wellbeing

5 Ways to Wellbeing is an interactive people care workshop led by Marion Fanning, looking at a set of evidence-based messages aimed at improving the health & well-being of the whole population.

Permaculture in the South West

A participatory session working through a discovering, dreaming, designing and delivering design process exploring ‘What next?’ for the room full of inspiring people. Looking at a potential practical vision for mutual support and local help.

South West Permaculture Convergence

South West Permaculture Convergence

Saturday 25 May 2013, Compton Dundon near Glastonbury, Somerset

The convergence is a one day gathering for people from across the South West who are interested or already active in permaculture and applying design to their lives.

For information on the Diploma Support Day on the Sunday 25, click here.


• There will be a diversity of practical, inspiring workshops, including mushroom cultivation, people care, permaculture & resilience, medicinal landscaping, design tools & more.
• Local permaculture designer, Patrick Whitefield, will be leading a Living Landscape talk up the beautiful Dundon Beacon.
• Discussions will be taking place to explore how can we use permaculture for social justice? Ecological regeneration?
• Activities will be taking place for kids & families – please let us know who is coming so we can design something fun & appropriate.
• A big shared lunch with produce from across the South West.
• A site tour of LAND Learner Centre, Brook End.
• Lots of opportunities for socialising & connecting with people.


Saturday 25 May 2013. Starts: 10am Finishes: 5pm. There is also food available from 5-7pm for those who are camping/staying locally. Followed by a Diploma accreditation event from 7-9pm.


The convergence is taking place at Compton Dundon Village Hall, Ham Lane TA11 6PQ. The village is a few miles from Glastonbury & Street. Click here for directions.

The Hall is very accessible by public transport, you can get the 376 from Bristol that turns into the 377 to Yeovil, which stops in the village. The stop is called ‘Compton Cross’. For bus times visit: http://www.travelinesw.com

The nearest train station is Castle Cary, however bus links are limited from the station. We may be able to arrange a pick-up depending on numbers. It is about 15 minutes away. You can also get a bus from Yeovil train stations (Pen Mill or Junction if you travel to Yeovil Bus Station and get the 377).

If you are interested in car sharing please email nicole@wildheartpermaculture.co.uk – we have already had requests from Cornwall & Devon if you are able to share transport.

The hall is accessible for wheelchair users, however the LAND learner centre may be more challenging, depending on the weather.

Cost: Donations are sought to help cover the cost of the hall, publicity & workshop materials. It is an entirely grassroots events. For those just attending for the day, bringing lunch to share, the suggested donation is £10.

Accommodation: If you are interested in camping the night before or after at Brook End, please fill in your details on the booking form. We ask for a small donation of £6 per night.

How to book: A booking form will be available on this page shortly.

More information & a programme overview will be added soon.

To offer a workshop or to get more involved email: nicole@wildheartpermaculture.co.uk


Permaculture Diploma Support Day

Sunday 26th May 2013, Compton Dundon near Glastonbury, Somerset

Apprentices working towards their Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design are welcome for a whole day of design support, including one-to-one tutorials, peer design shares, workshops and more.

What is taking place?
• There will be an induction to the Diploma for new apprentices, focusing on understanding the diploma system and making a start on your action learning pathway design.
• There will be a workshop on Transformative Action Learning, based on the Gaia University model, led by Nicole Vosper, one of the first UK Graduates of their University’s action-learning degree level programs. The workshop will focus on strategies to accelerate learning based on action learning principles and some of the practices embedded in the Gaia Uni approaches.
• Tutors from around the South West will be available for personal and design support tutorials.
• There will be space for peer support and group design share sessions, for apprentices to give feedback on each other’s work. As well as for action learning guilds.
• Aranya will be leading a workshop on the Design Process to re-cap some of the frameworks and processes used in permaculture design.
• There will be a workshop on documentation and how to design a system for yourself to capture your own work and learning more efficiently in a way that can disseminate your learning.
• Tutors and apprentices are also welcome to offer workshops to share.

Directions: The Diploma support day is taking place at both Compton Dundon village hall & Brook End LAND learner centre. Click here for directions to Brook End. For information on getting to the village hall, click here.

Accommodation: Camping is available on the Saturday evening after the Convergence for apprentices staying for the Diploma Support Day on Sunday. We appreciate a donation of £6 to cover costs of the site. If you have additional needs that means camping is not practical/desirable, please email nicole@wildheartpermaculture.co.uk and we can try & locate a room for you. Just let us know.

Cost: The cost of the Diploma support day is £25 to cover the cost of the hall & dome hire. Payment for tutorials will need to be organised direct with your tutor. This is a grassroots volunteer-organised to support the permaculture community. If £25 is unaccessible to you, please email nicole@wildheartpermaculture.co.uk in confidence. A work share option may be a possibility.

How to book: Please use the booking form below. Payment details will be sent over email.