Roll on 2013

Happy New Year everyone!

I haven’t posted on here for a while. Let’s just say I’ve been busting a gut – literally! Working harder and harder to get things wrapped up for the year and landed in hospital for 6 days with an inflamed mass on my appendix!

After some solid reflection time in there, a week of rest at home, its clear I need to really implement my Zone 00 design and make sure that 2013 is vibrant and productive, but also restful and balanced. Watch this space for how I get on.

In the meantime here’s a video to remind you just what we face in this civilisation we’re all organising to bring down:


“Home is the feeling heart, in deep relationship with the land. And it is the place that calls us most insistently, instructs us loudest and best. The place we inevitably miss when we leave, partner to our pain, and reason for our joy. Home is not only where you want to live, but how you want to live. And the place where you want to be when death finally claims you. ”

– Jesse Wolf Hardin

Logging off…

Hi everyone, just a note to say I will be offline until the 3rd September as I will be participating in the beautiful Oak Dragon Camp that takes place on my family’s land each year. This year’s theme is called ‘Awakening Heart’ and follows a pattern of earth wisdom traditions & deep ecology.

Full Moon

Think it must be this full moon driving me a bit nuts. Roll on tomorrow!

I’m sorry for all that’s been lost

Another thing keeping me going…

Another part of my zone 00 design implementation plan was to have more regular time out, computer free spent with my partner. Well she’s done us justice by finding us stupidly cheap trains and so we’re heading ‘up north’ to the Lake District after all of my events. Can’t blimin wait!!!

Zone 00 Design Review – Analysis & Re-design

Wow that is a hell of a lot of projects! I have even surprised myself!!!

But what has been the inputs to achieve all of these outputs? What has made the difference between making the above happen and not? What hasn’t been achieved that I would have liked to achieve? Which elements have I enjoyed the most?

I have decided to use the PNI tool:

– Being more strict about garden time (anchoring 2 days per week min) has meant more work being done on the Brook End design implementation = better mental health, more rest & sleep from being at home, improved family harmony from making progress at Brook End
– Reclaim the Fields work – is really taking off!
– Having 4 days off in Cornwall with my partner = really nourished my soul & our relationships, recharged my batteries

– Other than No Dig gardening workshop, transition food group work has felt like its gone out the window recently = too many projects, lack of attention to some that involve leadership & then suffer
– Exam revision = felt like I could not do what I wanted to do as I had to revise, stress led to bit of a bad temper, other projects went by the wayside
– Diary on 24th Feb shows I was nervously exhausted, why? = exam stress, grant application (working way more than set hours at work), hardcore show & late night, bus travel, no time for rest  or switch off.
– Stress associated with fruit trees for all = orders not picked up, lots of work created

– I actually really enjoyed organising the fracking meeting, I felt ‘in my element’ doing resistance type work & actually the whole night didn’t feel like it work because it was also generating social yields (hanging out with lovely new people)

Zone 00 Re-design or ‘Tweak’

– Don’t do exams or courses that I am not fully engaged with!
– Batch process certain tasks as suggested in the 4 hour work week e.g. website updating
– If I know I am going to have a full-on week, honour it & keep the weekend free for a lie in!
– Keep to my work hours & log time accurately
– Be very clear about voluntary energy for projects
– Stack in social functions to make projects & group work more enjoyable (e.g. why do I enjoy doing RTF work – because I click with the age groups, histories, passions of the people etc)
– I need to allocate more time or be more realistic about how long journeys take & cost financially & energetically & try to reduce the number of them I take e.g. Oxford, Brighton, Bristol
– See my girl more because it chills me out & keeps me focused!

Zone 00 Design Review – Survey

As we’ve move into March I’ve taken the opportunity to undertake some design reviews. My aim is to evaluate the implementation of my designs so far as to best harness my learning. With so much going on I need to be more focused & effective then ever so I’ve broken down all of my projects to help identify the work that is remaining & help me capture and store this learning for the future.

My Zone 00 Design has been the most prominent design this year, climaxing at Imbolc when I submitted it as an output packet for my Gaia Uni pathway. Zone 00 is the self – so basically the design looked at all of my different areas of interests, passions, fears, patterns and so forth (it will all get uploaded online soon) & I aimed to re-design my life to be:

  • more focused
  • more effective in my productivity (so not just busy but effective)
  • more balanced (designing for self care, rest & rejuvenation)
  • more congruent with who I am & to express all sides of my self (including the radical politics, earth based spirituality, sexuality and so forth).

3 months in and its time to review. So how can I best design a review?

Survey: A review of outcomes & projects from January 2012:

Community Organising
– Spoke about Reclaim the Fields at the Oxford Real Farming conference
– Attended Transition Glastonbury 2011 review & strategic planning day
– Distributed 60+ trees in Glastonbury for Fruit Trees for All project
– Organised public meeting about fracking in Glastonbury, formed local group & gained TV coverage
– Organised no dig gardening workshop in Glastonbury attended by 15 people
– Helped plan & promote the Reclaim the Fields spring gathering which I unfortunately could not then attend due to legal reasons (super frustration!)
– Initial meeting about Somerset Earth Skills Group, local DIY skill sharing group

Self Care & Spirituality
– Did ceremony for Imbolc at Brook End, bought new Brigid pendant
– Visited stone circle at Avebury & had ceremony with oak dragoners
– Ink sessions – new sleeve, half finished!
– Spent 4 nights in St Ives, Cornwall with my partner for rest & rejuvenation

Learning Pathway
– Undertook first half of permaculture teacher training course
– Submitted 4th Gaia Uni output about Zone 00 design
– Undertook 2 whole days (& 2 weeks of revision!) of RHS advanced certificate horticulture exams
– Attended Gary Finch’s permaculture diploma accreditation event in Dorset & was on the peer review group
– Main recent self ed has been around: popular education, community organising vs activism, new agroforestry book

Brook End
– Had site visit & interview from Permaculture Association about Brook End becoming a LAND centre
– Finished installing paths around veg bed
– Weeded fruit bed & sowed red clover, built strawberry beds
– Divided veg bed & laid internal paths
– Pruned all fruit trees in Orchard & elsewhere
– Cleared fruit cage area
– Ordered root stocks & took scion cuttings
– Planned rotation & seed order with Mum

Wild Heart Permaculture Work
– Did site visit to land for community project in Bristol
– Undertook site visit, survey & design questionnaire for new client on levels near Glastonbury, very exciting & enjoyable!
– Commissioned new logo
– Have been working on website re-design
– Opened new bank account, ready to register self employed
– Have become part of the Research group with the permaculture association

Work – Incredible Edible Somerset Design
– Launched Incredible Edible Somerset ning website
– Attended action on poverty meeting
– Planned Get Up & Grow – therapeutic horticulture day & other mental health training with South Somerset Mind
– Held 2 public meetings in 2 Somerset districts for people looking for land
– Helped fund community forest garden in Axbridge, gaining local media coverage as well as other projects
– Undertook epic grant application!

Dissemation/Radicle Writes
– Wrote diploma article for Permaculture Magazine
– Wrote book review for Permaculture Magazine
– Wrote documentation article for Permaculture Works
– Wrote articles for Positive News: one on Oxford farming conference, 3 other permaculture articles (column, interview with Looby on people care, DVD review of the growing edge DVD)

Peter & the test tube babies, Fleece
Antisect, Fleece
Sheer Terror/Knuckledust, Croft
Deafheaven, Croft

Kernow I miss you

Well I got home yesterday evening after a few wonderful nights away in Cornwall. Feel like my whole nervous system has been completely restored following four amazing nights with my girl, lie-ins, walks on the beach, plant spotting, sea paddling…!

You can have a sneaky peak at some holiday snaps below:

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