This is the outline of the Composting Gender workshop I designed. I facilitated this at the Food Sovereignty Gathering in October 2015 in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire.


genderunicornsmall11. Introductions

– Go round, incl. Everyone’s preferred pronouns. What you want out of the workshop.
– Safer spaces
– Origins of workshop e.g. From Reclaim the Fields article & subsequent workshops
– Aims
– Intro to terms cis and trans
– Reassure everyone that we will all fuck up, and that’s ok – we want to create a supportive workshop culture, not one of fear.

2. Spectrum line of confidence with terms. Split into small groups.

3. Look at the Gender Unicorn Trans-Nonbinary Factsheet in small groups.

– Discuss any terms you are unfamiliar with.
– Answer any clarifying questions.

4. Ask whole group to discuss in small groups: “Where are we still seeing and experiencing homo/queer/transphobia in our groups and movements? Where are we still seeing & experiencing sexism?

5. Feedback into larger group. Ask if people would like to change their group or happy in same places (also observe dynamics before offering the choice)

6. In small groups discuss how we can respond. What ideas and solutions (if possible) do people have.

7. In small groups building on all of the above ask:

– How can this learning feed into the statement
– What should the priorities be for the food sovereignty movement
– What is our key message to the wider world