I am proud to be the Education and Training Coordinator at my worker’s co-operative Feed Avalon. We do our best to organise accessible community learning in food system skills.

Check out our amazing array of courses and workshops happening this year:

  • FermentationWorkshop1Cooking with Nuts and Seeds – Learn about how to cook with nuts and seeds in this one-day course! We will be sharing wholesome, plant-based recipes with seeds and nuts being the principle ingredients. The course will cover seeds and nuts culinary uses from nutrition to flavour. | Saturday 18th February 2017 | http://www.feedavalon.org.uk/nutsandseeds/


  • Grow Your Own Garden – A series of workshops about how to get started in growing your own food. The course will cover how to build raised beds, compost making, seed saving and sowing, fruit tree grafting and other forms of propagation, as well as basic design and planning to make the most of your garden. | February & March 2017 | http://www.feedavalon.org.uk/grow-your-own-garden-course/


  • Introduction to Fermentation – In the workshop, you’ll be rediscovering the old methods of preserving food. We’ll be preparing, making and tasting fermented foods from all over the globe; a variety of sauerkrauts, kimchi, sourdough bread and more. | Saturday 11th March 2017 | http://www.feedavalon.org.uk/fermentationcourse/


  • apple vegHealth at Every Size – This 5-week course offers a new and compassionate approach to weight and well-being, shifting the focus away from the frustrating pursuit of weight loss in favour of self-care and developing long-term healthy habits. Over 5 sessions, we will explore nutrition, and building a positive relationship with ourselves and with food, in a friendly and supportive group. | 1st March – 29th March 2017. Every Wednesday 10am – 12pm | http://www.feedavalon.org.uk/healthateverysize/


  • Nutrition Day School – This day school will explore the links between food, health and well-being, demystifying nutritional concepts and science, and emphasising a sustainable and pleasurable approach to feeding ourselves. | Thursday 30th March 2017 | http://www.feedavalon.org.uk/nutritiondayschool/


  • Polytunnel Growing – A hands-on practical course covering all aspects of polytunnel growing- crop choices, crop rotation timing and planning, fertility, watering/irrigation, disease and pest control (including slugs!), propagation, planting sowing, harvesting, and use of space around the outside of the tunnel. | Wednesday 3rd May 2017 | Full details coming soon.


  • IMG_6182An Introduction to Herbalism – A two-day place introducing herbalism and plant-based medicines. | Dates TBC | Full details coming soon.


  • Weekend Foraging Course – A weekend course introducing the art of wild food foraging. This course will cover foraging safety, plant identification, habitat-care and responsible foraging, as well as an introduction to multiple wild edibles. | Dates TBC | Full details coming soon.


  • Vegan Permaculture Design Course – A 10-day course delivered in 2 x 5-day blocks, taking place outside Glastonbury at Feed Avalon’s Education Centre, Brook End. A comprehensive course introducing permaculture ethics, principles and design methods. With Graham Burnett and Nicole Vosper from Feed Avalon. | Sat July 1 – Weds 5th July 2017 & 5 Aug – Weds 9th Aug 2017 | http://www.feedavalon.org.uk/dates-announced-for-full-permaculture-design-course/