My First Tutorial, 27th January 2011

Today I had my first tutorial with my tutor Steve Pritchard. This ‘induction tutorial’ is the first of a small number of action learning tutorials where you plan and assess where you are on your permaculture learning journey.

Steve introduced the action learning concept (see here for more info on this) then we talked through the four key questions:

– What is going well for me as a permaculture apprentice?
– What’s been challenging for me as a permaculture apprentice?
– What are my long term visions and goals as a permaculture apprentice?
– What are my next achievable steps towards these visions and goals?

After talking through these questions, Steve gave me his feedback and offered a few resources that may help me achieve my goals. The tutorial is then written up and sent to yourself and the Permaculture Association, so they can keep a tabs on all their busy diploma apprentices!

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