Below is a call out from a new chapter of Herbalists without Borders in Bristol.

I will be growing and making medicines for the clinic. Help is needed – please drop me an email at if you can potentially come down to Somerset to help. I need support in harvesting and drying plants and making basic medicines. Any donations of vodka/oil or other medicine mediums are welcome, likewise an additional dehydrator would be great.

More details about the Bristol project below:

4141472This is a call out for any volunteers who are interested in being involved in our new project: Herbalists without Borders Migrant Support Clinic in Bristol. We are looking for people to help grow herbs, harvest and process them, and any clinical herbalists who want to be involved. The link is to the US website but we are currently setting up a UK website with another London based herbalist, Melissa Ronaldson, who is making links with Hummingbird Project- Calais and Dunkirk – Aid and Solidarity.

Herbalists without Borders in Bristol is a recently set up collaboration between herb growers and clinical herbalists to provide free herbal healthcare for migrants. At the moment this involves Rhizome Community Herbal Clinic and the Asylum Seekers Allotment Project.

This project is affiliated to the UK chapter, which we have just established with other UK herbalists, and is part of the international organisation Herbalist without Borders. This is a non-profit local to global network of volunteers devoted to aiding communities and countries in need impacted by natural disasters, violent conflicts, poverty, trauma or other access barriers to health and wellness.

At the moment Becs Griffiths and Annwen Jones, as part of Rhizome have set up the migrant support clinic within their own existing clinic, and are providing free herbal healthcare to a small number of migrants. Emmy Broughton and Derella Runcie from the Asylum Seekers Allotment Project are beginning to grow the herbs this year.

As this collaboration develops, and the project grows, we want to make connections with other local herbalists and herb growers to make the project more sustainable.

We want to encourage volunteers to be involved in growing herbs, and harvesting and processing wild herbs so that they can be prescribed in the clinic. The idea is to create a holistic approach to healthcare so that volunteers and migrants could be involved in several stages of the project, from growing, harvesting and learning how to use the herbs. We eventually want to run basic self-care workshops which help with improving general health alongside, if necessary, individual herbal consultations with the clinical herbalists. This vision acknowledges that being part of a herbal growing project, making a connection to the local natural environment, and learning the tools of self-care are an important part in improving health and wellbeing.

Setting up the clinic is a deeply rooted act of resistance against an unjust global political system that has created such unjust borders, as well as this government’s introduction of the new immigration bill which further isolates migrants. We believe that herbal medicine is an important part of any healthcare system and can have profound effects.

This is a call out for volunteers who want to be involved in the growing side of the project, or harvesting and processing of the herbs, and to other clinical herbalists who will see migrants within their already existing practise. If you are interested in being involved in this project please email us and we will set up a meeting in the next 2 weeks where as many people interested can attend. Please email:

We look forward to hearing from those of you interested in joining this project,
Herbalists without Borders, Bristol