Check out these brilliant photos from the first part of our Vegan Permaculture Design Course taught by Graham Burnett and myself. Dates for the 2018 course will be announced soon!

IMG_6794 IMG_6833 IMG_6827 IMG_6818 IMG_6799 IMG_6862 IMG_6860 IMG_6837 IMG_6868 IMG_6870 IMG_6887 IMG_6891 IMG_6924 IMG_6910 IMG_6909 IMG_6900 IMG_6972 IMG_6962 IMG_6957 IMG_6948 IMG_6947 IMG_6944 IMG_6996 IMG_6991 IMG_6989 IMG_6976 IMG_6975 IMG_6973 IMG_7024 IMG_7012 IMG_7006 IMG_6998 IMG_7036 IMG_7032 IMG_7027 IMG_7026 IMG_7082 IMG_7080 IMG_7079 IMG_7063