Here are some photographs from part one of the third Vegan Permaculture Design Course taught by Graham Burnett and myself. It was an amazing group rich with existing knowledge and skills. The week culminated in a session on vegan permaculture and the patterns of land use that could replace animal exploitation.

IMG_2344 IMG_2358 IMG_2323 IMG_2309 IMG_2306 IMG_2378 IMG_2357 IMG_2372 IMG_2238 IMG_2312 IMG_2244 IMG_2389 IMG_2333 IMG_2377 IMG_2287 IMG_2153 IMG_2168 IMG_2149 IMG_2392 IMG_2311 IMG_2222 IMG_2233 IMG_2390 IMG_2276 IMG_2308 IMG_2375 IMG_2369 IMG_2124 IMG_2387