Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary

A design for a 10-acre sanctuary for rescued farm and domestic animals

Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary is a 10-acre sanctuary for rescued farm and domestic animals in Northamptonshire. The original driver of the design was that the sanctuary had received a grant from the Woodland Trust for 400 trees and they were seeking advice as to where would be best to place them. Being a long-term friend/contact in the animal liberation movement, I offered my support in solidarity and visited the sanctuary in February 13 for three days to undertake an intensive design process.

It was clear that the site had to be assessed holistically before making suggestions and so I aimed to support the sanctuary with a basic design and recommendations. The desired yields were to know where to plant the trees, increase biodiversity, and help with water movement and soil erosion on the site. However the design process yielded more than this, exceeding the clients and my own expectations.

You can download the design here or view below: Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary Design Work