Are you part of an exciting permaculture project in the UK or internationally? Want to share your news with others?

I am currently writing articles related to:

– permaculture-orientated news & events
– longer profiles of projects
– my personal experiences of site visits & courses
– reviews of books & other resources
– interviews with designers & activists

Articles will be posted on my permaculture blog on the Positive News website (launched in April). Subject to editorial approval, certain articles will be published in the hard copy of the quarterly newspaper.

Positive News is a quarterly international newspaper with a large outreach in the UK and sister editions in many countries. They have a print run of over 60,000 and sister editions in New York, Argentina, Spain and Hong Kong.

If you are interested then please email me. Please do not be modest about your work, people want to hear about what is working around the world, whether its a small community garden or a reforestation project…share it!