Regenerative Agriculture – a talk with questions

with Owen Hablutzel, introduced by Graham Harvey

Monday 29th June 2015 at 7.30pm at The Silver Street Centre, Wiveliscombe

IMG_3279How can farming:
– regenerate soils, increasing soil organic matter, restoring mineral cycles and eliminating erosion?
– restore water cycles, preventing flooding and ameliorating drought?
– thrive alongside wildlife?
– help with climate change?
– do this at the same time as being more productive for those farming/managing the land and all of us who rely on it?

What is our part in this – whoever we are?

Owen Hablutzel is an independent international consultant, trainer and facilitator specialising in whole-system transformation toward robust land health, social co-creative capacity, and whole ecosystem stewardship. In particular he integrates different insights into regenerative agricultural practices and resiliency, merging them into his ‘Dynamic Design’ process.

This talk is towards the end of a UK training and visiting tour and is an opportunity to gain an insight to the breadth and spectrum of tools we can use to leverage our agroecological systems. Owen will highlight many of the potentials to realise improved productivity alongside environmental and social benefits, and then he and Graham Harvey (who will also introduce Owen) will take questions from the audience.

Please allow plenty of time to park and arrive for a prompt start at 7:30pm.

Tea/Coffee and biscuits.

Cost: £7.50 (Concessions)

For more details/to reserve a seat please contact:
Natasha: 07866 674205 or